The Zero Boys

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Zero Boys are a hardcore punk quartet from Indianapolis formed in 1979. The band is fronted by singer Paul Mahern. Mark Cutsinger (drums), Scott Kellogg (bass), and Dave Lawson (guitar) complete the lineup. Zero Boys' first release, Livin' in the '80s, was a 7" EP released by the band on their home-brew Z-Disc label. But it's the vivid yellow followup LP, Vicious Circle, that cemented the band's legacy in the halls of punk rock greatness. 

Many punk fans nationwide expressed surprise that a band like the Zero Boys originated in the Midwest. Their polished intensity suggested larger and more established scenes in Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York City, and elsewhere. Indeed, their 1982 "Hell Tour" appearance at The Barn in Torrance, CA (with roadies Gary X Indiana and Marvin Goldstein in tow), on a bill with the Dead Kennedys and Minor Threat, demonstrated that Zero Boys were a Midwestern punk rock force to be reckoned with.

Not content to rest on their laurels, Zero Boys released Monkey in 2014, their first LP in over twenty years. Shortly after that, they released an EP, Hollywood, a tribute to the original Zero Boys guitar genius Terry "Hollywood" Howe, who passed in 2000. Here's what singer Paul Mahern said about Terry:

"On the night of Terry’s death, I woke to the sound of a buzz saw in my living room. I rushed to see what was going on and realized I was hearing the opening chords of 'Vicious Circle' coming from my stereo speakers. I examined the CD player and realized it was not turned on. I knew without a doubt Terry was saying goodbye and telling me to never stop believing in the energy of Rock ’n’ Roll.”

Zero Boys take this message to heart, and bring high-intensity rock and roll to audiences worldwide. 



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