Tsunami Bomb



Hailing from the town of Petaluma, CA., just north of San Francisco since 1998, TSUNAMI BOMB was the brain child of bassist/vocalist Dominic Davi and keyboard/vocalist Oobliette Sparks. Wanting to combine influences from the darker punk of the Northern California scene, with the classic sounds of Southern California hardcore, TSUNAMI BOMB set itself apart from its fellow bands early on with energetic and dynamic live shows, dual female vocals, and atmospheric synths that helped quickly build a fiercely loyal fan base and led them to be a headlining Warped Tour staple. This continued until after two full albums on Kung Fu Records, many line-up changes, and many more miles traveled, North Bay’s TSUNAMI BOMB finally went on hiatus in 2005.

Fast forward to 2016, where due to fan demand Kung Fu Records has collected the early, now out-of-print and rare E.P.'s into a 14 track LP collection, "Trust No One". Not wanting the collection to just quietly appear on the shelves with no notice, the founding members Davi, Oobliette Sparks, and drummer Gabe Lindeman were convinced to reform TSUNAMI BOMB with the help of vocalist Kate Jacobi in order to properly support the release.

After being joined officially by guitarist Andy Pohl, this now rejuvenated TSUNAMI BOMB has continued to sell out shows across the US and make major appearances from the Vans Warped Tour to the Texas Remember The Punks festival, and having Rolling Stone Magazine name their album “The Ultimate Escape#31 on their list of the “Top 50 Punk Albums Of All Time” (November 2017). TSUNAMI BOMB has successfully been earning its fan base back and rebuilding their loyal army, The Tsunami Bomb Squad just like they did in the old days...one show at a time.

The band is now moving forward and working on a brand-new record slated for a 2019 release, while performing in select markets



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