Jaret and Kelly



We are Jaret Reddick (of Bowling for Soup) and Kelly Ogden (of The Dollyrots) and we've just recorded a duets album. We've been friends and tourmates for about a decade now and wanted an excuse to hang out. JUST KIDDING. Kinda… this isn't the first time we've made music together. On tour we usually play a song together, we released an album called One Big Happy where we covered each other's songs, released a 7" covering each other’s songs and recorded a duet called "Love Ya Love Ya Love Ya" that a lot of you guys went bonkers over.

On our last trip to the UK, after playing “Love Ya" on stage to a full house at London's Roundhouse, we decided to do a whole album together. 

There are songs that sound like our bands' music, modern alternative songs, songs that are almost country, electronic beat-driven songs… and they are all AWESOME! We will make you wanna dance, wanna cry and maybe wanna take over the World with us!

Rather than do a traditional crowd-source project we've decided to make this a special pre-order. As independent musicians it's important to utilize platforms if they do something we can't do on our own BUT we feel like between our friends, family and the greatest fans in the World this will be a success. By preordering you instantly get an acoustic version of "Here We GO!”, the first song we wrote for the album. AND you'll get more exclusive songs and treats along the way. And these exclusives will end with the preorder so if you like the idea of shirts/cookies/handwritten lyrics and house parties you better hop on board now or miss the boat!

We're counting on you guys to spread the word for us just like when we've used PledgeMusic or Kickstarter in the past - so you know what to do now! Send people to jaretandkelly.com so they can be a part of this band from the start!

And we've started some new socials for Jaret and Kelly so don't forget to add us! @JaretandKelly in Instagram, Twitter and Facebook too.

We love you guys and CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO HEAR THIS! You're gonna love it!!


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