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Cemetery Piss is a black metal band from Baltimore, MD, who draw on the spirit of underground metal from the late 80’s, a time when bands defied convention to push the chaos and darkness in their music, and add to this spirit a strong dose of rock ‘n roll filth and punk unruliness, creating searing songs with a ghastly atmosphere for headbangers, the punx, heretics, witches, and those who would shatter the veil of the familiar. 

Founded in 2007 by Adam Savage and Dirck Ober as a two-piece with the recording of their first four-track demo, Cemetery Piss’ first official release was a manifesto of desecration, depravity and liberation called Rest in Piss (2011). The band followed with their Such the Vultures Love EP in 2013 before growing into a full four piece unit of destruction, capable of defiling a live audience. 

Following the release of their first full-length, Order of the Vulture, in 2016, the Piss was joined by their current drummer, Josh Gilman, and began to perform at festivals including Decibel Metal & Beer Fest and Berserker Fest and on several tours. In this form the group released their Covers EP in 2018, recorded in their own studio, as an omen of the shape of things to come.

Now joined by Tyler Holcroft on bass, Cemetery Piss has combined over ten years of evolution and their strongest line-up yet to bring forth new depths of darkness and heights of fury in song, and to break necks from the swirling, fiery chasms they unseal from the stage.

“Cemetery Piss started back in 2007 as a side project from Dirck and I's psych punk band Vincent Black Shadow," explains the band's Adam Savage. “Fueled by a mutual appreciation for cheap red wine, fine cured meats, Bathory, Darkthrone, Iggy & the Stooges we swiftly recorded our Rest In Piss demo along with the help of Akai, our drum machine. Now with four Vultures in our wake, with the addition of Rebecca Chernoff on bass and Derrick Hans on drums, we present the Order of the Vulture LP on Cricket Cemetery. We hope this altar of death, perversion and celestial desecration satisfies your lust! Fuck your way to hell!” 
- Decibel Magazine

"Baltimore’s Cemetery Piss have just shared their new album Order of the Vulture, and it’s a nasty metal highlight of 2016 so far. It’s a pretty gnarly mix of black and thrash metal that splits the difference between the true darkness of the former and the party-spirit of the latter, resulting in an album that’s unsettling even as it maintains a sense of humor about itself. This reminds me a lot of the fantastic Black Anvil album from back in 2014. It scratches a similar itch, modernizing thrash metal and keeping it scary without edging too far into self-seriousness." 

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